Friday, January 7, 2011

Would "Ace of Cakes" hire me???

My sister LOVES purses and shoes. Her husband wanted to suprise her with a cake. So I tried to be "Ace of Cakes" and came up with this purse cake. I put her monogram on the sides of the purse and her age as part of the flowers in the corner. It is a 3 layer cake. I made the white cake from scratch (it tasted like a sugar cookie) and with a raspberry cream cheese filling. She ended up having quite the crowd over for presents and cake so I made cupcakes for the kiddos too. Just white cake with a chocolate butter cream frosting (just butter cream for the pink ones) and sugar sprinkles. The cake was a hit and my sis was very surprised!


Amy said...

MinDee! That is the CUTEST cake! You did such a great job, I love the stitches! And those cupcakes look SOOOOO yummy!

Berty Bell said...

MinDee that turned out absolutely awesome! You seriously are getting so good at making all these cakes. Keep it up!!!!!! And the cake sounds so delish!

P.S. I need to help you change the comments on this blog also. ;)

Amy Miller said...

BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!! That cake was sooooo fun and such an awesome surprise. You are so talented. It was so delicious. In fact, I got to eat it for dessert the next 2 nights after my birthday. :) Thanks again for all of your hard work. You're the best!! Love you!!

mysomedaylist said...

Sooooooo Cute MinDee! I love all of the cakes you've done the last few months. Your cakes all look fabulous! I love this purse cake. So cute! Hope that all is going well. We'll maybe be seeing you in February. Jeff for sure, maybe the rest of us... Keep up with the cakes!