Friday, April 23, 2010

Pink Princess

This was so much fun to do. It took me back to when I was a little girl. When I was lovin' the ruffles & bows!
Stay posted...I'm learning fondant next!

MARCH 21: Happy Birthday Kenz! I was pleased to make my sis in law's b-day cake this are the results! It's crazy how after I'm all done, I just look back over it and find all the things I'd change or do better for next time...but oh well, next time!

MARCH 10: This is my styrofoam cake, now I can practice as though it were an actual much fun! So for what it's worth...just thought I'd share my newest creation. Enjoy! Doesn't it look like it would taste good? Just imagine chocolate cake with a white chocolate mousse filling in between the layers...yum...or better yet...a raspberry mousse, now that would be tasty. Hungry???

MARCH 2: So I now made my official rose cake. Aren't the roses gorgeous? I also learned on this cake how to make grape clusters and scallops...they still need some practice. Can I just tell you how much fun I'm having!!! OK, I just did. I go to bed dreaming about different ways to decorate cakes and things to try. I get so anxious and excited when it's time to decorate a cake, it's almost as fun as Disney Land ;)

FEBRUARY 24: Roses & Shells...this is now my new obsession. And tonight during my practicing, I finally conquered it!
Look how good my roses & shells look! (for me anyway, now some pro might think otherwise, so if you're a pro looking at this...don't comment) I AM HAVING SO MUCH FUN!!!

One of my Wildest Dreams

FEBRUARY 22: One of my dreams has been to own my own cake decorating business, & have a specialty in wedding have begun cake decorating classes. I love them! I am learning so much. It takes so much practice for me though, nothing comes natural to me for some reason. My mom's birthday was in February, so I volunteered to make the cake. Here it is! As you may see, I have crumbs in my icing that's covering the cake!!! I was so frustrated...I know how to ice cakes...but this one however, didn't cooperate. I realize now (thanks to my knoweledgeable teacher), it was undercooked just a bit. Who don't check a cake's doneness by the toothpick, use the touch method...if it bounces back it's done. Also, leaves grow up! "My flowers need to be in a vase of water." (That's what my teacher told me) I won't make that mistake again. I had so much fun decorating it, after I got over the frustrating part of the crumbs. Next lesson will be how to get a nice, clean frosting over the cake itself. And I'm still learning....on my sides I shoul've used white icing instead of yellow for the dots. Does this scream St. Patricks Day to you too?? I should've went with pink, I just wanted to do something different. This week will be my 4th class. I'll keep posting my improvements.