Monday, November 15, 2010

Camo Cake

So I need a professional photographer for my cakes. They could look a whole lot more appetizing..or could they? Camoflauge cake?! I would never look at a camo cake and think "Mmmmm, that looks so good!" Would you? That's how I felt while making these colors and decorating this camo cake. But you know what??? It was really good on the inside! I made the chocolate cake from scratch and made a vanilla pudding (made with cream) filling between the layers. It was moist and delicious!


Amy Miller said...

Oh my goodness, this cake was DIVINE!!! My husband had seconds, and he doens't really like cake, so that'll tell you something. :) It was a fun birthday party, and a delicious cake. Keep up the great work, you're soooo talented.

Bodacious Berty said...

This is by far probably my favorite cake...okay, so I've liked all of them! But seriously I just love this look! And the inside sounds so good! HOMEMADE - WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Next time I'm around I'll show you on your camera how to make your photo's really shine...if you want?)

:) :) :)