Friday, April 23, 2010

One of my Wildest Dreams

FEBRUARY 22: One of my dreams has been to own my own cake decorating business, & have a specialty in wedding have begun cake decorating classes. I love them! I am learning so much. It takes so much practice for me though, nothing comes natural to me for some reason. My mom's birthday was in February, so I volunteered to make the cake. Here it is! As you may see, I have crumbs in my icing that's covering the cake!!! I was so frustrated...I know how to ice cakes...but this one however, didn't cooperate. I realize now (thanks to my knoweledgeable teacher), it was undercooked just a bit. Who don't check a cake's doneness by the toothpick, use the touch method...if it bounces back it's done. Also, leaves grow up! "My flowers need to be in a vase of water." (That's what my teacher told me) I won't make that mistake again. I had so much fun decorating it, after I got over the frustrating part of the crumbs. Next lesson will be how to get a nice, clean frosting over the cake itself. And I'm still learning....on my sides I shoul've used white icing instead of yellow for the dots. Does this scream St. Patricks Day to you too?? I should've went with pink, I just wanted to do something different. This week will be my 4th class. I'll keep posting my improvements.

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